Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #314 1989


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"Down and Out in Forest Hills"

Malcolm Kinderman, Caesar's lawyer, informs Pete and MJ that they're evicted from Bedford Towers. MJ's money invested in the condo is now locked up in litigation. Aunt May says they can stay with her, but Peter says he has another place. Howell Thurston III, of JC Herdling Department Store hires special security to transport the store's receipts because of the holiday. Peter confesses to MJ that they don't have a place to stay; he just doesn't want to go back to living with his Aunt. The Herdling security truck takes off with the three guards tied up in back. Meanwhile, Flash Thompson agrees to let Pete & MJ stay in the room behind his gym while he bunks at the YMCA. At Herdling's, Thurston smells a rat and discovers his assistant Clark has hired thieves to rob the receipts. A battle ensues in which Spidey stops the three thieves, while a department store Santa clobbers Clark. Soon after, finding Aunt May at Uncle Ben's grave, Peter realizes that he really should stay with her. That night, Pete and MJ join May and Kristy at home for Christmas Eve.