Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #318 1989


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"Sting Your Partner!"

Justin Hammer provides the Scorpion with a new enhanced costume, for which he agrees to kidnap General Chester Musgrave. In Manhattan, Pete and MJ are house-hunting without much luck. Peter can't get a photo gig from JJJ who is actually the Chameleon in disguise. MJ loses another modeling assignment so she goes clubbing. She returns at 3AM and has an argument with Peter. In a SoHo loft, Harry discovers a cache of his father's Goblin costumes. Peter attends a ceremony honoring Musgrave where the Scorpion crashes onto the stage. Spidey intervenes and they fight until Scorpion brings down a wall that Spidey catches to save the audience. Scorpion snatches Musgrave but when he hears attending photographer Lance Bannon mention JJJ, he instead demands Jameson be turned over to him in exchange for the General.