Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #319 1989


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While Scorpion holds General Musgrave hostage, he forces Spidey to bring him a pizza. When Scorpion realizes JJJ isn't coming, he takes Musgrave. hijacks a chopper, and escapes. Spidey follows long enough to place a tracer on Scorpion. When Hammer hears of Scorpion's deception, he enlists other operatives to bring him back. While MJ is out clubbing, Sandy tells her that Jonathon Caesar has blackballed her from modeling. When MJ gets home, she tells Peter. Harry shows Liz their new place in SoHo, and tells her not to worry about his father's leftover Goblin costume he found. Scorpion hides out in Connecticut and decides to bring Musgrave to the Kingpin. However, he gets lost driving into the city, and winds up in Queens, where Spidey finally catches him. So do Hammer's agents Rhino and Blacklash who chase Spidey and Musgrave onto the old World's Fair grounds. They nab Scorpion and escape but leave Musgrave behind.