Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #322 1989


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The Assassin Nation Plot, pt. 3

Thinking it's an assassination plot, Silver Sable and Spider-Man foil a robbery of the Symkarian government payroll. They return to King Stefan's castle where the Royal Jubilee is taking place and meet with Symkarian Prime Minister Limka who tells them of another possible lead. Silver Sable decides to stay with the king, since none of Limka's leads have paid off. Limka meets with ULTIMATUM agent Major Weil and the two plot King Stefan's death. Mary Jane tries out for the role of "Sybil" on "Secret Hospital." Wearing a tuxedo over his costume, Spider-Man attends the Jubilee Gala and chats with Silver Sable. The next day ULTIMATUM agents attack Symkaria, killing the King's fiancée. Sabretooth kills Limka, unseen by anyone else. Silver Sable kills the ULTIMATUM assassins. Limka's body is discovered, with Sable wondering if he was the target all along. A torn piece of clothing is found near the body with a Panadoxin capsule nearby; a suicide drug used exclusively by the CIA.