Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #323 1989


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The Assassin Nation Plot, pt. 4
"Assault Rivals!"

Solo kills a squad of ULTIMATUM agents in the sewers under Paris, while looking for Major Weil. Meanwhile, as the American ambassador arrives in Symkaria, he is greeted by a hostile crowd. Once he's inside King Stefan's castle, he speaks with Prime Minister Gallatik, and also tries to calm down Sable. She has found evidence which makes her think the CIA was involved in the King's assassination attempt. Spider-Man tries to help, but the American ambassador throws him out. He then gives a statement to reporters outside. Mary Jane, who is watching the news on TV with Aunt May and Nate, understands his coded message. Spider-Man's comments are cut off by the arriving Captain America, who quickly puts Sable at ease. Cap asks Spider-Man to join him and Sable in a raid of ULTIMATUM'S hideout, but they're interrupted by Solo who's arrived to kill Weil. Cap stops Solo, explaining they need Weil alive, but Weil escapes in the confusion. Sable interrogates a captured ULTIMATUM agent and learns that Sabretooth killed Limka. She is informed that tensions between Symkaria and the USA are rising and the American ambassador has been recalled. The next step could be war.