Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #324 1989


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The Assassination Plot, pt. 5
"Twos Day"

Spider-Man captures ULTIMATUM agents at the Statue of Liberty, then stops the arriving Solo from killing them. He convinces Solo to work with him, but they need to keep the ULTIMATUM agents alive to ease tension between the USA and Symkaria. Solo grudgingly agrees. Captain America, meanwhile, hopes to prove Sabretooth planted the evidence implicating the CIA. He and Silver Sable arrive in Mexico and interrogate a group of outlaws that have been associating with Sabretooth. Peter relaxes with Mary Jane, confident she'll land the "Secret Hospital" acting job. The next day Spider-Man meets with Solo in Central Park. Cap and Sable find Sabretooth killing archeologists at a Mayan Temple. After a brief battle, Sable accidentally seemingly kills him. Spidey and Solo storm the Metropolitan Museum looking for ULTIMATUM agents. Solo interrogates a museum employee working with Weil while Spider-Man captures the major. The next day Spidey meets with Sable and Cap at the Symkarian Embassy where he learns that Symkaria has formally broken relations with the USA. If they don't come up with definitive proof soon that America had nothing to do with the assassination attempt, war will be declared.