Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 #326 1989


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Acts of Vengeance Tie-In

"Gravity Storm"

Peter and Mary Jane throw a housewarming party, but the festivities are temporarily disrupted when Jonathon Caesar sends some presents to MJ from jail. Flash invites Pete to his professional boxing debut. At the Daily Bugle, Thomas Fireheart has taken over and replaced JJJ. Meanwhile, Arthur Chekov moves out of May's house. Graviton, hired by the Kingpin to kill Spidey, arrives at the Bugle and uses his powers to raise the building into the air. At ESU, Dr. Swann pairs Peter with the unpleasant Dr. Max Lubisch to aid in his energy studies. Glimpsing the Bugle floating in the air, Peter becomes Spidey and arrives there, but Graviton apparently crushes him, then leaves after restoring the building. Spidey is rescued by firefighters. Peter returns home to find MJ has landed the role on "Secret Hospital."